Grace Filled Wife

Host: Beatriz Vargas| Category: Relationships and Marriage

Are you sitting in a marriage that feels empty? Struggling to connect with your husband? Maybe you’re telling yourself you’re just sticking it out for the kids, and what really keeps you in the marriage is God. If this is you, I’ve been there. My story is your story. I want to help you reconnect in marriage and feel cherished again. Hey, I’m Beatriz, a Jesus loving wife and mom I’ve been married for 15 years, but for the past 10, I’ve actually had the affectionate and connected marriage I’ve always dreamed of! What happened the first five years? Well, I was busy telling my husband all the things he was doing wrong, like how he needed Jesus and he needed to do to make me happy. We tried marriage counseling, small groups, and all the things we were told would make our marriage better. Nothing worked and we separated. How did I turn it around? That’s what you’ll learn in this podcast – proven to communicate better, create more intimacy, and be a Godly wife. So if you’re ready to finally communicate effectively with your husband, so you can stop fighting and be on the same team again, this podcast is for you. Now grab that journal and let’s jump right in.