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Are you a woman of faith with a passion for podcasting?

Join our vibrant community and unlock a world of opportunities to collaborate, network, and grow your podcasting skills.



At the Christian Women Podcasters Network, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. By joining our network, you’ll have the chance to connect with other like-minded podcasters who share your faith and passion for storytelling.

We are a global podcasting directory and virtual community for Christian women podcasters. We aim to promote women podcasters of faith through collabs and to help you grow your influence and network through podcasting.

This network is for women podcasters of faith who desire to …

✔️Collaborate and network with other podcasters of faith

✔️Learn to grow your podcast

✔️Gain guest opportunities

✔️Improve your podcasting skills

As this is a directory, you keep full creative freedom of your own podcast.

Christian Women Podcasters Network

Why join the Christian Women Podcasters Network?

We understand the beauty of shared journeys and the transformative impact of uplifting voices. Our network is a tapestry of podcasts, each carefully curated to resonate with your heart, mind, and spirit. Whether you’re navigating life’s twists, seeking spiritual insights, or just looking for a comforting companion, we aim to have a podcast for every step of your journey.

A Message From The Founder

The idea of the Christian Women Podcasters Network was originally born in 2006, but didn’t begin to take full fruition until 2023. I realized that global women of faith wanted to make an impact through podcasting, so I passionately created the Christian Women Podcasters Network. I wanted to make a space where we could gain valuable knowledge as podcasters while collaborating with other faith-filled women. I hope you enjoy your time here! ~Demetria

Demetria Zinga

  • Founder of the Christian Women Podcasters Network
  • Podcast Coach and Producer of SOUL Podcasting, Her Business Elevated Podcast and Christian Homeschool Moms Podcast
  • Thought leader and case study presenter at Podfest Global 2023